I had asked about OL because I had seen a mock recently that had Packers taking OT S Cosmi. Now I admit most of the mock drafts are just for fans and clicks, keep changing to continue getting people to read, but at first I was against it but with the right prospect there, maybe it would make sense. But R Slater is prob a pipe dream.

With Baks contract, injury, & last years pick on J Love. How long/ many years in that contract until you start realistically looking for the LT for your future QB? Or Is that a position when you find your guy, youíre expecting fill that spot 4-7/8 years? I ask that because of guys like Cosmi and Eichenberg, but completely agree there are much bigger needs come draft day. Didnít care for the J Love pick and was a bit skeptical when the Packers moved up for D Savage, but itís definitely good to know this team will trade up to guarantee getting their player when needed, something that may be needed at end of round 1