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    Randy Arozarena detained for allegedly trying to abduct his daughter

    Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Randy Arozarena has been detained in Yucatan, a Mexican state, for allegedly trying to abduct his daughter from her mother’s home and assaulting the woman’s father. The Spanish-language newspaper Yucatan Ahora was the first to report the incident, which the Tampa Bay Times confirmed with Arozarena’s agent, Abel Guerra.

    “The only thing I know is he was hyper-sensitive about making sure that the child’s needs were being taken care of,” Guerra told the Tampa Bay Times. “He was always sending money down there, and he was very involved in her life. I don’t want to speculate about (anything else).”

    Guerra, who has not spoken to Arozarena, called it a “horrible, unfortunate situation.”

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    I hate this because its clearly out of love... he def isnt in the right but i cant blame him. I hated all my step fathers not because they werent my dad but because they were abusive *******s... if people werent so ****ing stupid the mother and father would come together for the child... it will never happen.

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    Good. His actions were likely not out of anything but the desire to have his daughter with him. I hope they can work out an agreement where he gets to see her occasionally.

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    Can't speak to Mexico, but the **** I went through, I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. All because the courts thought that the woman is automatically the better caregiver. Now I'm all ****ed up.

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