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    Apr 2011

    Am I Crazy For Wanting Alex Smith Back For The Future?

    Smith is 36. The guy looks better than he did BEFORE his injury. No, he's not as mobile, but his arm seems stronger, he has more poise, standing tall in the pocket and delivering an accurate deep ball. I think he can easily be productive just like Brady and Brees until 40! Am I crazy for wanting the Redskins to lock Smith and Kyle Allen up for the next 3 years, and focus on holes on oline, linebacker in the draft and add a TE and go after another good WR through free agency to compliment Mclaurin? A backfield of Gibson/Mckissic is definitely above average.

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    Feb 2004
    I am fine with Alex ,Allen, & Haskins one more year anyway.....

    White Sox & Redskins Forever

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    Feb 2021
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