Nothing is more enjoyable than making a thread that will you know will be hilarious to look back on 2-3 years from now. As someone who has drifted away and back again to this forum frequently over the last 15 years I am happy to be back on a daily basis and enjoy hearing from fellow die-hard fans. I can't still believe that even with how bad we are it's still one of the most active forums. From reading your posts I can tell that a lot of people have strong feelings about this offseason and I thought it would be fun to get some quick feedback on the moves individually and your overall takeaway. I'll wait for a few replies before I throw mine out there.

To keep it simple let's use the typical A-F classroom grades with optional comments.

Drafting Obi Toppin (#8 pick) -

Drafting Immanuel Quickley (late 1st round pick) -

Signing Alec Burks (1yr/$6M) -

Signing Nerlens Noel (1yr/$5M) -

Signing Elfrid Payton (1yr/$5M)-

Signing Austin Rivers (3yr/$10M, only 1 guaranteed) -

Acquiring 2nd round picks in future drafts -

Not going ALL IN for Hayward -

Not going ALL IN for FVV -

Favorite Move -
Least Favorite Move -

Overall Offseason Grade -