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    Behind the scenes with the New York Yankees through Adam Ottavino's lens

    MLB during COVID-19: Behind the scenes with the New York Yankees through Adam Ottavino's lens
    7:00 AM ET
    Joon Lee ESPN

    Before the 2020 season began, New York Yankees reliever Adam Ottavino decided to document what was sure to be one of the most unusual years in MLB history.

    Armed with a Leica M240, a trio of lenses and an iPhone, he snapped photos of his teammates and their often surreal surroundings, keeping an eye out for moments that highlighted the quirks, oddities and absurdities of playing professional baseball in the middle of a once-in-a-century pandemic.

    Worth a look. Some nice candid shots and interesting commentary by O.
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    I love the one of Higgy an Katz.
    Interesting read and pics for sure.

    Ignorance is bliss

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    I saw his interview with MLB Now earlier today. quite telling pictures, he has some talent there for sure.

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