I keep seeing on this site that polls are very one sided. And how leftist policies don't get passed even though they have massive political approval. I thought I'd take some time to explain why this is a lot of times deceptive information. And really points to my problem with the far left. And after the outcry of more misinformation after Pelosi was unanimously elected speaker for another 2 years. I thought I'd give my take on at least one of the misleading claims I continuously see.

No Medicare for all is not Massively liked over Everything Else

This is so damn frustrating, and I constantly will see the same stupid national polling data that 75% of people want M4A "people like M4A and the corporations won't let you have it".

This is such a deceptive claim and is saturated in ********. For the following reasons.

1. These people will constantly point to Sanders plan. The problem is Sanders is for a different type of Medicare. One that covers less than current Medicare covers.

2. Studies from places like the Kaiser foundation have concluded pretty simply.... Healthcare is confusing. And difficult. And when you explain M4A the polling massively drops. This is important because M4A has received very little attention in the media. And when you start pushing something you got to know how people are going to react to the new information.

3. Avoid deceptive polls about the ACA. People are constantly posting ********/outdated polls on the ACA. Truth is... It has had a massive upswing in popularity since it was finally fully implemented. It still isn't loved by small businesses. It still definitely needs improvements. But it isn't hated like the far left tries to paint it.

4. Red States do not want M4A. Again it's the problem of it not being understood. They want a public option which M4A doesn't provide. And they want choice. M4A literally makes certain things ILLEGAL to cover from a private insurer.

5. Just in explaining the cost and lack of options in M4A, studies have show a 30 point DROP! And even in his proposed tax plan Sanders doesn't account for the increase in cost.

TBH I'm not going to give an opinion on what I think is best as far as what system. But understand passing healthcare bills is not easy. And it's the reason Obama was so deceptive when passing it. He pushed it out before it could receive a massive wave of negative propaganda. But this is a constant theme I'm seeing with the far left. I'm constantly watching absolute garbage shows, like Secular Talk push pure propaganda (corporations are bad and Leftists are loved in every state) and seeing where this misinformation is coming from.

There's nothing wrong with going left. I'm not a person that thinks everything from a socialists mouth is lies and deception. But the Fox News Lite strategy from a lot of leftist commentators and news is extremely disappointing.

All I ask is you research these claims. The internet is heavily a younger audience so you're going to get a further left bias form a lot of their media. Of course you will get a more moderate bias from the mainstream.

But the tactics I'm seeing are much closer to Fox News then I'm comfortable with. Especially the conspiracy nonsense. Corporations aren't all bad. Simple reductionist arguments don't help anything. T

By all means support the leftist candidates. But please stop pushing this notion that they push the policies everyone wants by a landslide. It's false.