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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn2timer View Post
    If Frank/Dennis in contract years cannot get minutes ahead of what you guys believe to be completely trash players, that's on them.

    I have to believe these signings are insurance and simply to have veterans who can at least play at the average league level.

    I said from the start, Frank needed 3 full years. He's had 2.5. This is it. He needs to step up and play. I think Thibs will give him every opportunity because of his defense. Frank needs to show he can play aggressively and successfully on both ends.

    DSJ needs to play D and commit to doing so.

    Is there a drug or operation they could use, that would combine Frank and DSJ to only get their good attributes?

    Ignorance is bliss

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    Basically this signing tells me that the Knicks have made their decision to cut their losses on Dennis Smith Jr and Frank Ntilikina.

    After Jeff Hornacek's clueless ways and Mike Miller's foolish "Playoffs" aspirations, no rookie would have flourished.

    Make no mistake, Austin Rivers and Elfrid Payton on a team of non-shooters will be a recipe of disaster and many losses.

    If this painful season leads to Cade Cunningham then it was worth it.

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