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    Quote Originally Posted by aecon13 View Post
    It feels like your little brother hacked into your account or something. I don't remember you ever coming across as be this ignorant

    1. You said the TEAM played "fine" tonight. I don't feel like holding your hand again, so I'll just say the outcome and statistics say otherwise

    2. You have the maturity of a toddler. You (and that other dude) like big words like "ignorant" and the such. I'd be pretty weak mentally if I cared at all what some random person in an online forum said. Especially one without any civility whatsoever. I hope you're not in your 30s+ cause that would be sad.

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    As I said, the game will be won up front.

    We had 0 Sacks on Defense. We had 42 yards rushing on 18 attempts. Not having Marpet was huge, and the loss of Vea is starting to show.

    Had a chance to win easily but a couple things didnt go our way. That team just went to the SB 2 years ago. They are legit.

    We have 5 more games to get sharper and ready for the playoffs, not worried.

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