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    Quote Originally Posted by THE MTL View Post
    So he really didn't want to play for the Bucks?
    Guess not lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZNC View Post
    Then Reddish needs to be better if he wants to start. Never understood this notion. I HATED when we let Millsap walk for nothing just to give Favors the starting spot. He didn't earn it. Young guys sometimes need to earn their spot in the rotation. If they wanna pout about it and get butthurt instead of proving they belong in the starting lineup then they aren't really worth anything anyway.
    In theory. But in reality the better player doesn't always start or get minutes in the NBA. Decision makers commonly are invested in the choices they make, and dictate to the coaching staff who gets to start. So the coach is stuck in a position where he has to play a suboptimal lineup or tell someone that can fire him that they made a stupid choice. It's sunk cost fallacy. Just like being invested in Favors.
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    The Hawks are still a first round exit if they even make the playoffs.

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