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I forget was there a highly contagious deadly pandemic going on last summer? One that would spread faster by people being in close proximity to one another yelling and shouting in unison? Because if not, why did we shut down sports venues including outdoor venues to audiences?

It's almost as if public health officials should put PUBLIC HEALTH first and personal feelings on politics second. By the way, NO ONE is anti-treating minorities better.
I remember Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity heavily criticizing Derek Chauvin after the video of what happened surfaced.
This wasn't a partisan issue at all.
But it was unscientific given the information we *PUBLICALLY* had at the time (since Fauci had different info privately) to encourage peopel to do that.
how do you stop people from going out to protest? you can stop sporting events by shutting down the stadiums but, how do you stop a group of people from protesting?