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    Oct 2010

    Pistons sign Jerami Grant

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    Jul 2010
    Well, the waving of Dedmon & McGruder alleviates a log jam.

    I think the bulk of the transactions this offseason is to set up a culture. Blake, Plumlee, Rose is to get youngsters to follow what these vets come in and do. These three are a Pros Pro. I think they bring back Galloway, if they can get a good deal or another vet. Maybe even Knight, if the price is right.

    At least there's some direction in terms of building pieces rather than Stan's let throw a bunch of people together and see what happens and maybe someone will call to ask us to trade someone.

    It looks like we have 10 players right now under contract, assuming Dedmon & McGruder get stretched.

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    Dec 2014
    Grant I can easily see him putting up numbers here in Detroit

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