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    Portland Trailblazers

    They’ve had a hell of an offseason.

    Carmelo Anthony (re-signed)
    Rodney Hood (re-signed)
    Robert Covington (trade)
    Enes Kanter (trade)
    Derrick Jones Jr. (FA)
    Harry Giles (FA)

    Hassan Whiteside
    Mario Hezonja
    Trevor Ariza

    They’re really deep right now. Injuries played a toll on them last year, but they got younger and deeper. More athletic and improved defensively.

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    Jun 2019
    They drafted CJ Elleby as well.

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    Jun 2008
    Solid moves for Portland.

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    They just need all their frontcourt players to be healthy and they're legit.

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    The 6
    Quote Originally Posted by Chronz View Post
    They just need all their frontcourt players to be healthy and they're legit.
    Love the moves the Blazers made this off season. I think they will be legit contenders, if they can stay healthy like you said.

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    Here's to a healthy new year.

    The Giles signing especially excited me. He could still be a great player*—*possibly better than Collins, albeit in different ways. Covington's the best wing they've had since Batum.
    I still believe they need to flip C.J. into a larger wing who's better on defense, especially with the ascendance of Trent Jr. But that could be Hood. Aside from Nurkic, I'm also not too bullish on their front court in general until I see sustained greatness.
    I'd put the Blazers in the same class as teams like Utah and Golden State post-Klay injury, but below the top tier including both Los Angeles teams and Denver. If they're healthy and cohesive, I give the Blazers a chance of at least moonlighting in that top tier.
    Again: Everything depends on health.

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