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    5 things I would do to improve the Mets

    5 things I would do to improve the Mets

    The Mets foundation is a solid one with a pretty good offense, they have 3 of the top 21 OFs in the game: Nimmo, Conforto and Smith. They have arguably the best pitcher in the game and a 1st baseman that in spite of his down year still posted a wOBA of .342. They also have Diaz and Lugo in the pen. What I am proposing is a blueprint to improve all facets of this team: Offense; Pen; Starting Pitching and defense without sacrificing assets this team has.

    1. Sign Realmuto - It really is that simple, he is worth roughly 4 wins. He's a right handed bat that can placed right in the middle of the lineup. He'll improve the pitching and had a wOBA of .361 last year. With a price tag of 20-25 million the Mets, under their new ownership, should easily take that on. Springer, while a CF, isn't the upgrade that Realmuto would bring. JBJ, would actually weaken the entire OF corp.
    2. Sign Liam Hendricks - The Mets should not go after just any reliever, get one that can shut down the 9th, put Diaz in the 8th and shorten the game. Hendricks, besides being a strikeout doesn't walk hitters.
    3. Don't Sign Bauer - Bauer would give this team a 1-2 punch, but this starting rotation is in shambles outside of deGrom. I feel the Mets should look at filling out their rotation with pitchers like Archer, Ordorizzi, Happ, Morton, Kluber, Walker and/or Quintana. For roughly the cost as signing Bauer the Mets should get at least 2 of these pitchers and fill out the backend with Noah, Peterson, Gsellman and Matz.
    4. Sign a Super utility fielder Jurickson Profar - I would have to admit, I have always loved this guy because he provides depth by playing several key infield positions as well as the outfield. Plus he's a switchhitter.
    5. Don't trade prospects - The Mets might be tempted to trade for Francisco Lindor, Lance Lynn or Nolan Arenaudo etc.,, but what I would like to see is trading for Lynn as an example and take on a bad contract like Odur or Andrus and give up basically nothing. Teams are going to dump salary, you can get quality players by leveraging the Mets ability to take on salary. Martinez is another pitcher I would take on as a salary dump.
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    As much as Realmuto would help, the Mets desperately need a solid #2 behind deGrom. I would rather have Bauer than any other FA. Sign McCann and find a 3rd baseman. If not the latter, trade for Lindor. Dude is the perfect age to acquire (26) and has had MVP caliber seasons already.

    Make those moves and you are right there with any other NL competitor.

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    #1 and #2 not earthshattering recommendations as have been deemed as top priority targets by like 90% or more of us out no brainers..

    #3..I am coming around on myself as well..but wouldn try to aim a little higher quality wise..with one to be acquired via trade..other fa..this also depends on what Stroman decides.

    Profar is fine..but depends on who is left/ n ot used in trade to see if warrants being targeted..

    As much as I'm tempted to chasebLindor..the few quality chips have to be used for a Sp. Will cross fingers Lindor becomes fa and can buy him then!

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    5 things:

    1. Finalize the James McCann deal. It's gonna cost around 15m per season, but he's still gonna cost us less money than what Realmuto is demanding.

    2. Swap Ahmed Rosario to Reds for Sonny Gray.

    3. Pull off the Blockbuster. JD Davis, Brett Bady, J.Familia(1yr 12m left), and RHP F.Kilome to Rockies for Nolan Arenado. *Mets agree to eat entire contract.

    4. Sign a right handed outfield bat to platoon with Brandon Nimmo. Possibly Albert Almora(formerly of Cubs).

    5a. Trade Steven Matz to the NYY for PTBNL. 5b. Sign Andrew Miller 1yr 5m deal.

    26 man roster:

    Rotation: J.Degrom/Thor/Gray/Stroman/Peterson
    Bullpen: Diaz(CL), May(SU), Miller(SU), Betances(MR), Lugo(MR), Castro(MR), Brach(MR),Gsollmen(LR),


    1. Almora/Nimmo- CF
    2. McNeil 2b
    3. Arenado 3b
    4. Alonso 1b
    5. Conforto RF
    6. D.Smith LF
    7. McCann C
    8. Giminez SS

    B: Peraza(UT), Heredia(OF), M.Smith(OF), Guillmore(IF), Mazeika(C/1b)
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    5 things I would do:

    1. Sign Bauer...He’s the #1 priority this off-season imo.

    2. Sign Realmuto

    3. Trade JD/Rosario for Buxton/Mercado/Bader

    4. Sign Brad Hand

    5. Sign a 5th starter like Archer, Quintana, Kluber, etc.

    Bonus: Trade for Bryant or Arenado, if the price is right.

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    1. Sign Bauer
    2. Sign Springer
    3. Sign either Realmuto or McCann
    4. Fill in the BP
    5. Get rid of dead weight for prospects

    Then add depth and spend money on scouts, international talent, pay for the best medical staff and facilities you can, since none of that investment counts against the luxury tax, but adds so much value.

    Then add Wilpon piñata day during a mid summer double header!

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    I'm agreeing with 2 or 2.5 from the OP.

    1. Sign Bauer. This is important in a strictly baseball sense but also for the optics.

    2. Trade for Lindor and lock him up for 8 years or something like that. I'm ok with any number of scenarios and I think we have the pieces to get it done: JD, Nimmo, any of our 3 short stops. This is the only player I would trade Dom for.

    3. Also a big fan of Profar. I think he's gonna be a late bloomer and his best days are ahead of him if he can stay on the field. Such a talented kid. His body has betrayed him. Good low risk/high reward that gives a lot of depth. He's one of those players who could completely change his game if he developed a more patient approach. The swing and the bat speed in the zone are too good not to come together.

    4. Sign Springer.

    5. Avoid Realmuto. I don't want any part of a 30+ year old catcher on a 7+ year deal.

    5B- get to where we do not need Gsellman in any sort of way. At all. Dude is today's Aaron Heilman.
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