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    Fulgham, I think, is a good #2 WR and a better #3 receiver....Right now the Eagles have NO one one the outside who scares opposing defenses and we're right back in the same crap from last season. Defenses can press receivers because they're not getting separation or the plays that are being drawn up are one dimensional (run to this spot and Carson will throw it to you - type plays). If the O-Line could create a solid pocket for Wentz - Reagor and someone like Hightower could stretch the field causing defenses to play back a little more. Right now Doug's playbook looks like it consists of all 8-12 yard passing plays....

    Yesterday, I was hoping at some point that Doug would play more of 2 TE sets to help out the Oline....but that didn't happen and Carson got hit, what 14 times yesterday?

    Doug abandons the run way to quickly after something goes wrong (aka Sanders' fumble)....How does Sanders ONLY get 4 rushing attempts in the 2nd half? In order to set up the pass you have to utilize the run which worked in the first half...

    If we win the division with a poor this point it looks like we could lose the next 4 as well...SEA, GB, NO, ARI, and I don't think they would win both of DAL and WAS....maybe possibly one of them....that leaves us at MAYBE 4-11-1....If we lose out I think Doug and Schwartz could be gone....
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