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    Quote Originally Posted by PackerBum9786 View Post
    I read an article that says Davey Boy Smith Jr. is making a comeback to the WWE and said it hasn't happened as of yet because of the pandemic but, they are working on it right now.
    Always like his size but like Mr. Perfect's son, his charisma always seems to be the biggest ???. I think his biggest fit would be NXT.
    Screw sabermetics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluefire View Post
    We all knew that when Bobby came back to the WWE that a Brock/Bobby feud would be the endgame feud.
    Watching MVP and Paul Heyman go toe-to-toe on the mic could be fun to watch (assuming Heyman turns on Reigns at some point). How they would start that feud will be interesting.

    With that said, I always assume that if/when Brock returns he would target Roman Reigns.
    I have to believe once fans are allowed back in a fuller capacity, Vince is going to want to make a big splash. One of the easiest ways to do that is to get Lesnar and Rousey back into the fold and I fully expect that to happen by at the very latest, Summerslam. I could see a main event of Lashley vs Brock. It should have happened already.

    I didn't understand why he kept them separated this long to be honest. I mean its not going to be some historic main event but its certainly something a decent amount of fans want to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by More-Than-Most View Post
    man really? i feel like its the best **** on wrestling for the last few months. She is amazing and the fiend will return and dominate. Gonna be lit.
    Nah, not a fan. I don't like the whole Joker/Harley Quinn thing they ripped off and how she uses his voice.

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