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    Dec 2008

    4 team blockbuster: Rockets/Raptors/Wolves/Warriors

    4 team blockbuster.

    - Warriors get Siakim.
    - warriors trade Andrew Wiggins, Wolves 2021 1st rd pick, and warriors unprotected 2022 1st.

    - Raptors acquire G J.Harden & A.Wiggins
    - Raptors trade G Normal Powell, G K.Lowry, and F P.Siakim.

    - Mavericks acquire G K.Lowry & F PJ Tucker
    - Mavericks trade James Johnson, Tim Hardaway, & 2022 1st rd pick.

    - Rockets get Norman Powell, James Johnson, Tim Hardaway Jr, 2021 Wolves 1st rd pick, Warriors & Mavericks 2022 1st rd pick.

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    Dec 2008
    Warriors lineup:
    Wiseman/Siakim/Green/Lee/Curry. 6th: Obrue.

    Raptors lineup:
    Baynes/OG/Wiggins/Harden/Van-Fleet. 6th; Boucher

    Mavs: Powell/KPorzingis/Tucker/Luca/Lowry. 6th: J.Richardson

    Rockets: 3-Future 1st rd picks

    B; J. Johnson, Tim Hardaway, N.Powell, S.Brown.

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