Not saying he should be fired just saying he fumbled it for sure in the WS by riding his starters to career high pitches the first time around and then limiting your best starter to a pitch count who was also on fire, in a game where if you lose you go home its all over, the next time around.

Now you still may have lost the game because you only scored one run anyway but your manager didnt give your team its best opportunity to win in game 6.

Hopefully you guys can get back there soon and this wasnt a one off for your franchise and that your manager manages better the next time around. Not saying its all on him he just didn't help the outcome.

Outside of the first round your/his team was 2-6 in games to put away a series before the world series. You/he gets props for being 2-2 in the WS in games where your back was against the wall before last night.