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people that were begging for tasers are the same ones that want to defund police... fun note the reason these 2 officers dont have tasers to use is because about 30 pct of the cops in philadelphia have them because there is no money for them esp after they have been defunded.... these cops would basically have their fists and sticks against a dude with a knife if they didnt use their gun.... no chance anybody takes that risk.

it has already been released these 2 cops did not have tasers because of a lack of funds.
No money for tasers? Perhaps if the salaries of suspended cops were no longer being paid than they'd be able to afford better equipment? After all, Philly's police budget makes up around 1/5 of your city's overall budget (from what I've read). Perhaps moving the money to other areas could help those who need it most? Instead of just lining the pockets of cops?