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Good hire for them. I still think our defense was incredibly overrated under him because they were extremely volatile, but in todays NFL you dont really expect the defense to be shut down.

He turned down the Cardinals 2nd interview to take this. If hes going to be a good HC in the future dudes gotta take his time and get more experience and connections.

Byron Jones landing spot? Also this means the Cardinals job is down to Giants OC Mike Kafka and Bengals DC Lou Anaroumo. Desperately hoping they get Lou out of Cincinnati because dude is the best in the business right now.
it was a very nice hire for MIN, but there is not a ton of talent on that side of the ball up there. I think Flores is a smart defensive coach honestly. I believe our defenses were pretty decent under him.

But I totally agree that this guy needs to start making in-roads in this league and start to build trust up again. If he were to have gotten the ARZ HC job . . .who the heck would be his OC? and would his style of coaching mesh with Kyler's style of QB play? I think it would have been a match made in amusement for NFL fans lol.