Okay we are officially (3-3) lets look seriously at the upcoming schedule:

Colts (4-2)
@ Vikings (1-5)
Redskins (2-5)
@panthers (3-4)
Texans (1-6)

I think we could beat: Vikes, redskins, Texans and we will win one game by luck against either the colts or panthers.

That potentially puts our record at: (7-4) headed into a HUGE series of games vs:


Then finish the season at home against the vikes in probably a meaningless game.

So... the question is what happens? Do we:

A) get to (7-4) then drop 4 straight and finish the season at (8-8) assuming we beat he vikes?


B) get to (7-4) split 2 of those next 4 games and finish the season at possibly (10-6) making the playoffs?


C) we don’t even make it to (7-4) and start play for the draft.


D) IF I had to place a wager, I think we go either (9-7) or (10-6) but we will BARELY miss the playoffs. Thus saving Patricia and Quinn’s job and provide a glimmer of hope to our fan base.

What do you guys think? Do we drink the laced kool aid and just enjoy the ride or do we play realists and not get too worked up?


E) another scenario (insert your own)