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I think people here take stats for granted and donít realize how much they incorporate it in their arguments. Imagine if there was no record keeping at all? No passing yards, yards per attempt, yac, etc..... nothing at all. How would you know whoís in the third tier or fourth? Not to be fully reliant on them or be lazy about it but they are a necessary tool.

How would you know if your new guard was above average? For the eye test you would have to watch every play from 64 guards from week one to now.
Iíve heard people here say that stats donít tell the whole story which is true.
The eye test tells us much less.
Iíll say that Iím on the side of stats providing more valuation of a player but itís not as much more as what it seems people think.

60/40 in favor of stats over context/eye test is where Iíd put it. The More and more stats start lessening the need to apply context, it goes up.

Again, Iím a numbers/stats guy but the different variables in football makes me hesitate on how much value they have without context.

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