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If stats are the most important part, then riddle me this:

Player A: 300 yards / 3 tds
Player B: 301 yards / 3 tds

Who had the better game?

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You just typed... so why is stats without context not telling the story but somehow the eye test does????????

Again, I never said what you typed.

Also, giving your opinion and reasoning be find your opinion on something so subjective still leaves you with an opinion.

And for someone who read the whole thread, youíve seemed to confuse my stance multiple times now.
that is pretty stupid................ i take stats/context/eye test... its why i have stated i would take pre injury wentz over dak..... i read back and you seem to really only care about everything except stats which is stupid... seems like its because it doesnt favor your guy... we have had multiple guys use the big 3 stats in this thread trying to sound smart but looking stupid as hell in the process......... there is so many stats out there and all of them together are still better than thinking the eye test/context is best when all of us combined still dont watch over 50 pct of all games played.

Again using the eye test now is better than using the eye test in the 1990s but its still just as dumb.... we have more avenues to watch games but we have way more stats and nobody watches enough film to justify the eye test then or now.