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Great draft overall, Joe did more for Zach than Mac did for Sam.
Zach looks like he has all the tools to be a special QB, but we will have to see. Great Accuracy & arm strength.

AVT is the best interior OL in the draft. An All-Pro IOL. He is a top 10 prospect according to Brandt and Kiper. With Becton, the can become the next Shell and Upshaw.

Elijah Moore reminds me of Steve Smith, was going back and forth between him and Jenkins at 34. Moore will be the best WR on this team by year's end.

Michael Carter is going to be solid for this team especially running behind AVT and Becton.

Two UDFA that should stick is Yeboah, TE out of Ole Miss who kicked the crap out of Alabama.
Isaiah Dunn CB, Oregon State, sub 4.4 40 speed.

I have seen reports that there were roughly 18 prospects with 1st round grade. That's why they moved up to get AVT. If anything the Jets should be fun to watch.
Back from the dead! Glad to have you back here Clay. Jets should definitely be fun to watch to watch this year.