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    Could the Spurs have put an end to the Mavs odds breaking run?

    Everyone predicted the Mavs to lose every series during that magical championship run but this forgotten Spurs squad that won the first seed gets lost in history. I think they're the only team that could have given the Mavs a run for their money. Much like the well regarded "beautiful game" Spurs that did win the title and narrowly won the title the year prior, that team was pushed to 7 games by a past his prime Dirk and bunch of Mavs cast aways. Theres something about that rivalry.

    These were the Spurs in transition between the titles, instead of Kawhi they had Richard Jefferson and some depth. This was the year the Grizzlies purposely tanked to avoid the champs and play the Spurs, Manu injured his hand or something in a meaningless game and they lost in 6. But at full health, I think they could have taken them down. Instead of facing a green eyed Thunders squad in the Western Conference Finals (Dirk absolutely torched Ibaka IIRC), they would have faced former and eventual champions.

    Do the Spurs end the Mavs or were they simply a team of Destiny? Could the Spurs have beaten Year.1 Miami without Kawhi?

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    Nobody was stopping Dirk that year. His run in 2011 is one of the best runs I've seen from any player in my lifetime. Beat Portland, shat on Gasol, shat on Ibaka and beat the Heat. Best game of that whole run is when KD put up 40 but Dirk put up 48. Dirk missed 3 shots that whole night and 0 free throws.

    In the finals he had some bad games percentage wise but even in those bad games he turned it on in clutch time. I can't remember if it was game 3 or 4 but he was having a horrible game from the field and still ended up delivering the dagger with that left handed layup. Pretty sure he closed out another tight win by scoring the last 10 points of the game in just over 2 minutes. Nobody was stopping Dirk that year.
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