It's kinda odd that you want to trash the Lakers 3-15, but want to exclude Rondo/Howard to better make your case because they were quality players. The truth is the Lakers had a pretty decent supporting cast who new how to play their roles, which is all they were required to do. Lebron/AD is the best duo the NBA has seen since Shaq/Kobe so of course the Lakes are going to look top heavy, but that doesn't mean their other players were bad. Rondo, Dwight, KCP, Green, Morris, McGee, and even Kuzma all provided quality to the team to compliment Lebron/AD. Rondo was that extra ball handler/floor general, Dwight was post defense and rebounding, Green was 3 point shooter and perimeter defense, as was KCP. Their supporting cast was just fine. The thing with the Lakers is their supporting cast is constantly going to change year over year because they have to sign players for the mid level or minimum, which means they won't be able to keep everyone together.