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    Unhappy Why is Lebron James allowed to make only as much as Blake Griffin/Lowry/Wall make?

    Having a salary cap and a player cap completely destroys any chance of league parity.

    Lebron is 100x better than all the players getting paid the same as him. Why is this being ignored?

    If each team has a salary cap of $100M, for example, then the team with $50M of free salary cap should be able to offer $50M to Lebron. If Lebron wants to pass up on the extra money, then that's on him.

    The current system gives no bargaining chips to the small market teams. Lebron basically got to pick between taking $35M from the Lakers or taking $35M from a bunch of teams located in the middle of nowhere.

    Small market teams have a 0% chance of signing big free agents unless they are the ones to have drafted the guy. Small market teams need to draft AT LEAST two hall of famers to have a shot at the title.

    It is a shame that nothing is being done to address league disparity.
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