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I think we nailed the top 5. 6-9 are debatable, and I'm not sure I would have put those guys there in that specific order, but I'm not mad at any of those picks.
I agree. I'm very happy with how the top 9 came out.

10-12 are pretty much a train wreck. Moses is great, but there were so many better peak guys than him still on the board. I feel like he should have fallen in the 15-20 range, like he regular does in other all-time discussions.
I just asked this to Ewing but I'm curious about your opinion. Should Bill Walton and Moses Malone have been in each others spots?

Russell at 11 is the biggest reach on the board. Phenomenal career and rightly a top 10 guy in most all-time conversations, but in a peak conversation, he's a borderline top 25 guy at best.
Who would you draft first: Bill Russell (#11) or Karl Malone (Not Ranked)?

And Kawhi in the top 15 doesn't bother me a ton, but there were other guards/wings from this era who should have gone higher. I would have put him behind the guys who went from 13-16.

13-23 overall feels solid to me. The order of those guys is debatable, but none of those picks feel shocking. The run on modern guards and wings was inevitable, and although Wade/Kobe was a coin flip for me, I kind of agree with the order from 13-16. And I have no problem with the order of the rest of the guys, including Dr. J, except for one pick...

Ewing. He just didn't belong on this list, period. There were other guys who were far more dominant in their respective eras or had more postseason success than he did. Ewing just felt like "We don't know who to pick here, but here's two Knicks fans playing the nostalgia card, so he wins." Top 30-35? Maybe. Not top 25.
It's entirely possible I'm being a ridiculous homer here but that vote came down to Harden or Ewing and my personal preference between those two is Ewing.

The most obvious omissions for me would be Harden, Paul and maybe Giannis and Davis—hard to tell with them because they're still so young as even in a peak discussion, most of the guys on this list, you'd want to take the seasoned veteran versions of them, not the 25-year-old versions.
That's going to be fun to re-visit in a year. Either one of Giannis or Davis could have a top 15ish season.