Lakers trade Green, Kuzma & #28
Lakers get Ariza, Trent Jr & McConnell

Pacers trade Warren & McConnell
Pacers get Green, #16 & #28

Blazers trade Ariza, Trent Jr & #16
Blazers get Warren & Kuzma

Why for Lakers? They get a bigger wing defender in Ariza, replace Green with Trent Jr (another Klutch client) and a 3rd playmaker in McConnell to split time with Rondo keeping Rondo fresh for next seasons play-offs.

Why for Pacers? Rumors have it that they might move Warren, getting the #16 pick is a good get for someone you want to move. Holiday emerging makes McConnell expendable

Why for Blazers? They add firepower. Warren might have a strong personality for the Pacers but no way he's going to Portland and D-Bo anyone. Don't forget, Lillard is from Oakland lol. They need a PF also.