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    Lakers trade Green, Kuzma & #28
    Lakers get Ariza, Trent Jr & McConnell

    Pacers trade Warren & McConnell
    Pacers get Green, #16 & #28

    Blazers trade Ariza, Trent Jr & #16
    Blazers get Warren & Kuzma

    Why for Lakers? They get a bigger wing defender in Ariza, replace Green with Trent Jr (another Klutch client) and a 3rd playmaker in McConnell to split time with Rondo keeping Rondo fresh for next seasons play-offs.

    Why for Pacers? Rumors have it that they might move Warren, getting the #16 pick is a good get for someone you want to move. Holiday emerging makes McConnell expendable

    Why for Blazers? They add firepower. Warren might have a strong personality for the Pacers but no way he's going to Portland and D-Bo anyone. Don't forget, Lillard is from Oakland lol. They need a PF also.

    "My cow is dead, I don't need your bull"

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    I actually like this trade for all sides especially for Portland because they almost have a super team in place for Lillard

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    The Pacers have won three titles, all in the ABA. The Pacers were NBA Eastern Conference champions in 2000. The group has won nine division titles. Six Hall of Fame players Reggie Miller, Chris Mullin, Alex English, Mel Daniels, Roger Brown, and George McGinnis played with the Pacers for different seasons.

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