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Atkins had us in the same spot in 2016 as 2015? Sry... what?
This, after siting run differential as a good measurement of a team hahaha. Dead.

Then talking up signing older FA, followed by pointing out that they have trouble staying healthy.

People keep forgetting that AA brought in the best prospect we have ever had - who is currently our franchise cornerstone. This team would be in shambles without Vlad.
I'd Say Bo has carried us a lot longer than Vladdy Jr up to this point. Lets hope he continues his weight training and momentum as the season progresses. If La Cava gets credit to re-sign Happ and Estrada for 2016, does Ismael Cruz get credit for us actually signing Vladdy since he sold him to AA as a power hitter though he wasn't hitting for power at that time?

What was the difference in the end between 2015 and 2016? Neither team progress any further as being my point. Does that also mean ATL's post season run have nothing to do with AA as well, since the cornerstones (Freeman, Acuna and basically everyone else) were home grown before he got there?

Outside of Martin, which FA of substance did AA sign in his many years here as a GM and assistant GM? On that track, who of substance did he draft?