They definitely doing something right. At least you can watch Jays every night you get home from work. A few years ago couldn't even watch them. They were bad! Jays are good team now.

Imagine they had a plan. Every new GM should have 3 or 4 years. Gave him time to work off those bad back loaded contracts left over from the Anthopoulos era. And build a top farm system. Drafting higher every draft. Add the Pearson, Groshans, Martin, Manoah types.

Couple of years there we had like 80 million in bad contracts tied up. That's salary of 4 all- stars there. Take a .400 team, at 4 all-stars they are a better than average club. Then add at a powerful farm system behind them. You are looking at something very interesting.

Signed Springer, Ryu and Semien. Semien I imagine is just a stop gap. Buying time until Martin and Groshans are ready. Next year we should be able to add 2 all-stars if he doesn't re-sign here.