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Sorry I think you misread my question. I was talking about if we miss the playoffs again next season (2022). This season is pretty much wrapped up barring a miracle, but I agree atkins should have a chance to patch this thing up this offseason. Honestly I can see a scenario where he sticks around even if we miss the playoffs next year too, but I will start getting really frustrated at that point wasting the rookie deals or our core.
He just signed a 5 year extension. Hard to see the team firing him in the first year of that extension.

This will certainly be a very important off-season though.

Ray and Semien have been 2 of our best 3 players this year and both are FA.

The righty/lefty balance needs to be a bit better. Do we still ride with Biggio as a potential aid to that? There aren't a ton of positions on the field that aren't occupied by everyday players already. Do we need to trade a position player from this core to address other needs?

The bullpen badly needs to be fixed.

Lots of these guys start hitting arbitration now. Do we make long-term choices to lock any of them in early?