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I'd like to see that and compare that with Shapiro, Beane, Friedman or Zaidi.

I'm Sure he's higher than Atkins now, but let's wait 10-20 years when this post and their careers might be as meaningless as this post to decide who got more WAR out of their drafts...

As a side question, how much of that WAR was earned in a Blue Jays jersey? Other than Stroman, Sanchez, Pillar and Goins, I'm not sure who had earned most of that WAR for us.
Lol. Yes it was compared to those guys. It was based on his years in control of the team. Atkins was nobody before he came here so obviously he wasnít compared to him. But yeah he traded many specs, along with many failed specs for a contender. We trying to win the minors championships or the World Series lmao?!