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At the time he was starting as the president so he would be the one steering the direction of where we were to go. You tend to be less hands on once you find a guy who has the same mindset as you do. Which I probably why AA left since they probably didn't have the same way of thinking.

It actually more or less proves that Price would never have been on the Blue Jays. Unless AA had overriding authority over Shapiro and ownership, AA didnt have final authority to make that decision. At the very least, if he did resign Price, then it would have been in collaboration with Shapiro as has been mentioned here (which disproves the idea that AA should be held solely responsible for a hypothetical that wasnt going to happen).
Nope. Shapiro's job has always been more on the business side of things. It's exactly why Dombrowski rejected the job before Shapiro was hired. Because he'd have little to no say on player moves.

AA had full autonomy which ended up being terrible for the club. He was exciting but he was reckless. He just left a hero before he could die a villain. If he ended up signing Price then the team would be way worse off now.