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    Quote Originally Posted by dayners81 View Post
    He also said players and agents of the mid tier players are starting to get concerned with the lack of a market developing. Look for players starting to take cheaper deals the close it gets to ST
    In this market, I would not be surprised if some semi-quality players will accept MiLB contracts with invitations to spring training. IF the Castillo trade ever did happen, it is likely we could get our new LFer from this cohort of players. Also, when given consistent playing time, Tauchman did well. Perhaps if we do trade Frazier (and I hope we don't), we should give him some time to get consistent reps in LF and see if he can regain the efficacy he had previously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dayners81 View Post
    I just got a message from my top trusted source, he says as of right now its not happening. They were close at one point but then the Reds wanted the Yanks to take back some serious money for atleast 1 other player the Yanks had no use for and would have a very hard time moving.

    The Yanks view Castillio as a top 20 pitcher and believe he's only going to get better. If there was a pitcher they were willing to trade a big group of top specs for it would be for him.

    He did say for the right players they will exceed the luxury tax but it would have to be extremely beneficial and Cashman has said he expects the Yanks to have the leagues highest payroll again

    They are trying to move Otto and atleast part of his salary and are willing to attach a pretty good spec to get it done but they havent gotten alot of traction

    the package that was discussed going to the Reds included Frazier, Schmidt and Andujar. The deal is far from dead according to him but the Yanks have to decide if they are willing to take back the player with the big contract or add 1 to 2 more high level specs that they don't want to trade, from a group of Devi, Gil, Wells and Peraza

    the other thing he did say is that IF the deal went through that the Yanks would likely go cheap to replace Clint in LF likely some kind of defensive first OFer that can also play CF. They are more concerned with the rotation than the offense.

    He also said players and agents of the mid tier players are starting to get concerned with the lack of a market developing. Look for players starting to take cheaper deals the close it gets to ST
    I'd pay the price in prospects to get Castillo. Devi, Gil, Wells and Peraza are hardly sure things and adding another bloated contract will only hinder the Yankees further in the next few years.

    But I also think that's ludicrous to say they will exceed the luxury tax if it were extremely beneficial. I'd say adding Castillo is extremely beneficial even having to take back Castellanos or Moustakas.

    Like you said in a previous post Dayners, Cashman had a chance to get Verlander at the deadline or trade for Cole and he didn't get it done. Not every deal is gonna look like gold but that's what he gets paid for, to make the tough decisions. Cashman has to stop being gun shy and go for it.

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    I always thought Cashman's biggest weakness was how methodical he is. He's a really smart guy but sometimes I question his lack of aggressiveness and its weird because the Yankees always seem to have a good minor league system to deal from. You got to use those assets sometimes. There is a clear opening in the AL. The A's dont win in the playoffs, neither do the Twins. The Rays, Indians, and Astros took a step back. The Blue Jays are up and coming but not there yet. I think the White Sox are probably your best competition for an AL pennant.

    The time to get Castillo is now. You don't need Saurez. He's a nice complimentary piece but the Yankees have a good enough lineup to win a WS.
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    Mets completely agree. If there is a time to swing a big trade and thin out the system it should be for Castillo. We have alot of young pitching specs that their best case aren't even as good as astillio now. imo we have 3 starters, Atleast above Aball, that have a ceiling close to what Castillo is now in Roansy?Gil and Medina. I'd gladly drive Frazier, Devi, Andujar and Schmidt to Cincy for this guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by OhSoSlick View Post

    Congratulations on the chiefs. Hope maaaahomie is okay

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    That was brutal to watch. Not the hit but him trying to stand.

    Ignorance is bliss

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    Quote Originally Posted by Webslinger View Post
    Hard to imagine anyone would take trash like ottavino and pay 8 million on top of that, unless they were unloading even more trash themselves.

    Ottavino is hardly to be considered as trash. Thankfully your evaluation doesn't mean squat.
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