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    Quote Originally Posted by mmbt View Post
    My two big questions are:

    1) can our O score on what looks like the best D in the league right now? They're great against the run AND they just made Rodgers look terrible. I'm not expecting a big scoring game from us, but can we at least move the ball and score in the mid 20's? 4 out of 6 teams haven't been able to do much of anything against the Bucs. If we go and have a bad game on O, it's not necessarily a knock, but a good showing will prove that we can score on anyone.

    2) was our real D the one we saw for 4.5 games, or the one that showed up in the 2nd half against KC? For now I'm leaning toward the former because that's the bulk of the evidence, but I'm encouraged by the latter.
    One advantage is Brady is no where as mobile. We just better control the run game. I think we have a better Oline than GB, and Rodgers IMHO had a bad game. If we can generate some heat on Brady, then we will have a chance, I'd like to get to him a couple of times early, jut to get inside his head. How about those Broncos, Cam is not that good. If the Pats have to rely on him, they will lose most of the time.

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    Ill have the new game day thread up this evening

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