My top 5 ranking was Marco Rossi, Jamie Drysdale, Cole Perfetti, Anton Lundell, and Lucas Raymond. So we did get one of my top 5 but while Raymond is a very talented and skilled player, he just didn't seem to have the "edge" side of him like Rossi/Parfetti had to them. Talent wise, they were pretty similar but edge wise the other two, IMO, had the upper hand and it's why I wanted them over Raymond. That being said, we did get a very talented player. This kid can skate and skate well. His puck handling skills are off the charts and he is very talented at taking pucks away and going to the other end. He doesn't really play much of a physical game but he isn't very big. For all the knocks on Rossi being small, Raymond is only an inch taller and weighs less. I don't know how much bigger he will get either as his older brother is only 5'9" and 175 lbs. The only other knock on him from me is his shot isn't very hard. He has some misdirection to it but it doesn't seem "hard" by any means to me. I think with age and some growth he can overcome the two areas I feel he may lack in but overall, very talented player that has a lot of upside. Would love to see a future line of Zadina, Valeno, and Raymond. Goals a plenty right there.