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With regard to the Dansby/Riley double-play when Dansby was on 3rd and Riley on 2nd with no one out - Dansby was clearly running on contact. Is that decision coming from Snitker or is that a decision that Dansby would have been allowed to make? I know this will sound arrogant but I knew as a teenager that if you were on 3rd base with no one out, that you don't run on contact; you stay glued to 3rd base unless you see a batted ball make it through the infield. That play, with Riley compounding it, was a punch to the gut.
The Dodgers we're playing to going to concede a run in order to get outs. Their infield was playing back, except for Turner. If that ball goes anywhere else Swanson scores easily. Regardless of that, Swanson is an intelligent player and should have known not to go there. That was a bad play. Riley's base running was even worse. I can't even give Riley a pass for inexperience because you learn in high school that when the lead runner is in a run down you need to get to his base ASAP.