I am a huge draft guy for all sports. I love figuring out who goes where but the NHL has always proven to be the hardest one to predict. Which makes following it so much fun. Here are some thoughts and then a prediction at the end that I have been working on.

1. I am infatuated by what Marco Rossi would look like in a Red Wings jersey. I think this kid is by far the best pick we can make at #4 and he might actually end up being better than Stutzle and Byfield. By all accounts, those two are gone before our pick so my top 5 ranking for our pick is Marco Rossi, Jamie Drysdale, Cole Perfetti, Anton Lundell, and Lucas Raymond. I will reiterate that I think Rossi is far and away a better player than the other 4 listed.

2. We have a ton of picks this year and next but I am more of a quality over quantity guy so I am advocating we use picks and current player to get back up into the first round. If at all possible, and looking at it I don't think it is but.....IF we can get to pick #10 - #12 and Yaroslav Askarov is still on the board, I think we need to do it. If that doesn't work out, I would love to get into the 19 to 27 area and get one of these players who I think will be big successes in the NHL: Conner Zary, Ridly Greig, Rodion Amirov, Branden Schneider, Mavrik Bourque, Hendrix LaPierre, Jacob Perreault, Lukas Riechel.

3. Here is some teams that only have 5 picks that might be willing to trade their first for more picks: NJ (20), NYR (22), Columbus (21), Washington (25), St. Louis (26)

4. Mock Draft

Round 1 (4)- Marco Rossi, C, OHL

***Trade: Wings give up second rounders #32 and #55, and Dennis Cholowski to NYR for pick #22, 5th rounder 2021, and goalie Alexander Georgiev.

Round 1 (22)- Ridly Greig, LW, OHL

Round 2 (45)- Alex Cotton, D, WHL

Round 3 (62)- Pavel Novak, LW/RW, Czech Rep.

Round 3 (64)- Blake Bondi, RW/LW, NCAA

Round 4 (106)- Daniel Baker, D, WHL

Round 5 (124)- Maxim Beryozkin, LW/RW, KHL

Round 6 (155)- Amir Miftakov, G, KHL

Round 7 (186)- Matteo Constantine, Princeton HS