I grew up in the attitude era and the subsequent invasion was an angle that could've been so much more than it actually was. Regardless of that, I want to know which wrestlers you think were used best and which ones were used worst from WCW.

Best: Chris Jericho and Ric Flair

I still remember seeing Y2J interrupt The Rock and being blown away. As a kid I watched both WWF and WCW so seeing these two go at it was an amazing opening feud. Jericho was probably the best used talent from WCW and rightfully so.

Ric Flair is the ultimate heel and putting him in Evolution was the perfect call. Guys like Eddie and Benoit had much better matches in the WWF/E but Flair's character definitely had the biggest impact.

Waste: DDP

I remember being so disappointed when I saw that DDP was the stalker. DDP was one of the best face characters in WCW and was so easily likeable. Not only that, when they finally made DDP a face he was a joke. It was a huge waste on all fronts.