4 way trade: Bulls/Knicks/Rockets/Wizards.

- Knicks acquire 4th overall pick.
- Knicks trade 8th & 27th overall pick.

- Rockets acquire SG Z.Lavine, F Thaddeus Young, and 27th overall pick(via Knicks v/Clippers)
- Rockets trade Russ

- Wizards acquire 8th overall pick, 2022 1st rd pick, Otto Porter, and Colby White.
- Wizards trade Bradley Beal.

- Bulls acquire Russ & B.Beal
- Bulls trade 4th overall, 2022 1st, Lavine, Thaddeus, White.

L: Bulls

C: Carter/Gafford/Feliciano
PF: Markannen/Kornet
SF: Hutchinson/Valentine
SG: Beal/Satorsky
PG: Russ/Harrison/Arcidiano