Trade 1: Bulls/wizards/sixers.

- sixers get otto porter.
- sixers trade al horford, 21st overall pick, and 2022 lottery protected 1st rd pick.

L: Embiid/harris/simmons/richardson/milton.

- wizards get 4th overall, sg z.lavine, c/f c.feliciano, and sixers 2022 lottery protected 1st.
- wizards trade sg b.beal.

L: Bryant/hachimura/okobo(9th overall pick)/lavine/wall.
Notable bench: K.hayes(4th overall pick), wagner, brown, ish smith.

- bulls get b.beal, al horford, and 21st overall pick.
- bulls trade 4th overall pick, zach lavine, c.feliciano.

L: Horford/lauri/bey/beal/c.white
notable bench: W.carter, gafford, t.young, satorsky, hutchinson,arciadiano.