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    Performance bonuses—-cap it gonna be tight

    Saw an article from Anthony Scultore of ForeverBlueshirts where he says:

    Bottom line is this, they Rangers may have $14 million in cap space but need to reserve at least $4-5 million for performance bonus for players on ELCs. And once they add Lafreniere, that number will rise.

    So if you want to understand this and the ramification, please read the article. For now, here’s the performance bonuses totaling $7.2 million they need to account for.

    Igor Shesterkin can earn an additional $2.85M
    Kaapo Kakko can earn an additional $2.65M
    Adam Fox can earn an additional $850K
    Filip Chytil $350K
    Julien Gauthier $300K
    Ryan Lindgren $212K

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    If Anthony Scultore is right, then we have 7 mil. left and have ADA, Strome, Georgiev, Fast, Lemieux & DiGuessepe to sign.

    Take out LaFranieres rookie contract at 925k. it’s 6.075 mil. left and 9 forwards, 5 defensemen & 2 goalies under contract.
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    Buying out Lundqvist and Smith out will give the Rangers an additional $5M to spend.

    Georgiev, Tony deAngelo and Lemieux is a must.

    Fast is luxury with Kravstov on his way next season.

    DiGuessepe is a hard pass.

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    Sorry I didn’t post it sooner but I was on another chat site and one of the guys there said we can go 10% over the cap but only to cover performance bonuses. So we should be good considering the performance bonuses add up to 7.2 mil. and the cap is 80 mil. Therefore we can go over by 8 mil. So we are good on that front.

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