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Maybe that’s the problem. We treat our politicians like we treat our soft drinks or fast food places...
I see it more like a favorite sports team for many but sure you can go with restaurant or soft drink (although not sure the emotional attachment is the same for many, the tag line aspects apply). We have a reality star as POTUS lol. It seems pretty clear that the marketing works great on tribalists and we have a ton of them in this country. The issue isn't that people market themselves or their party it is the extreme levels to which people are diving in.

You mentioned BLM and MeToo. There is both some legitimate issues they are calling out and some over the top aspects. People fight over it being perfect or evil depending on the team though. The issue isn't everything about either movement (being perfect or horrible) it is the extremes to which people have fought for/against without context. Abortion. Guns. They will kill babies and take your guns, same type of thing.