We just signed JBJ 2-24. I like Bradley but it seems wasteful to put Garcia on the bench at $10 million. We will have spend $25 million on Wong, Bradley, and Anderson (plus more if some of the lesser signings make the team). I would have much perfer some combination of Didi Gregorius (2/28), Andrelton Simmons (1/10.5), Carlos Santana (2/17), Eddie Rosario (1/8), Kevin Pillar (1/5), Corey Kluber (1/11), Tiajuan Walker (2/20), Brad Hand (1/10), or Kirby Yates (1/5.5). I like Wong and Bradley but it feels like the Brewers weren't sure if they had money and then signed the 2 best free agents left after January.

I would think we will have a couple semi platoons with the Bradley signing. Bradley has been a poor hitter against lefties (except last year). 1st (maybe), 3rd, SS, and C as well

VS. RHP= 1)RF Cain 2) 2B Wong 3)LF Yeli 4)1B Huira 5)3B Shaw 6)CF JBJ 7) C Narvaez 8) SS Urias
VS. LHP= 1)CF Cain 2) 2B Wong (sometimes Huira) 3) LF Yeli 4)1B Huira (sometimes Shaw/Vog) 5) RF Garcia 6)C Pina 7)3B Urias/Utl 8)SS Arcia

Counsil will have a lot to figure out the first couple months to figure out his best lineup.