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    2020-21 Offseason

    I was hoping to do some speculating on next year. Hopefully Stearns will look to add a few impactful players and not a handful of cheaper wildcards.

    It is obviously a little early and I'm not giving up on this year just looking ahead to early.

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    Finance Breakdown
    Yeli 14 million (jumps to 26 in 22')
    Cain 15 million (2 years left) I think some of the money is deferred
    Garcia 10.25 (1 year)
    Lindblom 3.04 (2 years)
    Suter 1.5 (3 years thru arby)
    Peralta (1.2, 4 or 5 years left)

    Hader Arby 2, made 4 last year (3 years left)
    Knebel Arby 4, made 5.125 last year (1 year left)
    Narvaez Arby 2, made 2.725, (2 years left)
    Pina Arby 3, made 1.85, (1 year left)
    Claudio Arby 3, made 1.75, (1 year left)
    Arcia Arby 2, made 2.2, (2 years left)
    Woodruff Arby 1 (4 years left)

    Gyorko 4.5 million or 1 millon buyout
    Sogard 4.5 million or 500k buyout
    Braun 15 (mutual option) or 4 million buyout
    Gamel 2.55 (buyout?)

    Everyone else is under club control, we also have to pay 1.75 to Smoak and Holt for next years buyout. Anderson is the only true free agent (and Jace Peterson I guess).

    So by my calcuations that is about 45 million in commitments to the 6 players under contract. Probably around 20 to players in arbitration (I would guess Knebel gets let go, Claudio, Arcia and maybe Narvaez could be release candidates to trim that number). Sogard and Braun will likely have options declined, Gyorko and Gamel would likely be picked up, so thats around 13 when you add Smoak/Holt. Add in 5-10 million for team conrolled guys making about 600k and that is somewhere in the $85 million range. Sporttrak has our 40 man payroll at 106 million this year. I know there is some more money coming from TV deals maybe someone can shed some light on but I will go on the assumption that we will have around $20 million to spend next year.

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    At $20 million you can probably count us out on the top 10 or so free agents. Also 1 thing to keep track of is if the DH stays (I am going to guess it does). A guy I would be very interested in is Carlos Santana, I doubt the Indians pick up his 17.5 million dollar option. He is still a good 1B and could make a Gyorko, Vogelbach (maybe), Santana split at 1B/DH (with Gyorko at 3B). I doubt Santana would be cheap but at 35 a 2/20 (which might be an overpay) would fill a middle of the order spot. Justin Turner is the only starting 3rd baseman on the market so a trade may be in order there for a younger player. I also would try and get a starter like James Paxton, Robbie Ray, Corey Kluber, Chris Archer, Mike Minor, Cole Hamels, Mashihiro Tanaka, or Garrett Richards who have TOR potential but could take 1-2 year deals with some incentives. Then add a slew of minor league contracts to try and fill gaps.

    1)Cain 2)Santana (high OBP/lower BA) 3)Yeli 4)Huira 5)Garcia 6)Gyorko/Vogelbach 7)Urias/Arcia 8)Narvaez/Pina 9) 3B trade
    1) Woody 2)Burnes 3)FA (I'll say Ray) 4)Houser 5)Competition (Lindblom, Peralta, young guy or minor league)
    Hader, Williams, Rasmussen, Peralta, Suter, ??? Black, Wahl, Claudio, Perdomo, Feyersian, others)

    Looks a lot better to me.
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    Really disappointing to hear Stearns press conference where he says it's possible they need to cut payroll even more. Whether or not that's true, it just feels like an early hedge that we won't be very involved in FA this year.

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