It seems crazy but Bud could be coaching for his job. This is the story of his career. Win in regular season but come playoff time...can't win the big series. Slow to make adjustments. Tough to really think of that with BUcks getting No. 1 seed In East last two years. Bud isn't only to take some blame as the Bucks Bucks PGs are getting lunch handed to them by Dragic. Herro, Crowder role players dominating Bucks' bench guys. Bud has to shorten rotation but the bench guards like DD, PC have been horrendous.

I just think if Bucks bow out in semis going to be a long offseason of chatter. Giannis wont sign supermax. Bucks need to turn it around and need Giannis to be ultra special and the role players to show up or at least not stink at both ends for Bucks to snatch this series back from MIA.