The only excitement that the 2020 Red Sox have left is whatever they can do to build towards 2021. Remember when Dombrowski "only" needed to build the farm system? Well, now is the time to do what he did not. Who would you trade and who would you target?

A few ideas:
Mitch Moreland to CLE for LHP Scott Moss
In this expanded playoff format, the Indians remain in the race for a playoff spot but their production at 1B has been poor. Moreland, by contrast, has been great in his limited role with the Red Sox. If Roenicke won't commit to him, then let's get something in return and let the like of Chavis, Dalbec, and Cassas battle it out. Moss is has had a decent path to MLB but his control is what will determine where he lands. He's a backend starter or middle reliever.

Kevin Pillar to STL for RHP Jake Woodford or LHP Austin Warner
The Cardinals likewise sit in a playoff spot and their corner OF spots have been a weakness. Pillar can more than fit the bill as a corner OF and his bat has been good. Another lottery ticket on a 20-something ranked pitcher who might land as a backend starter seems like the kind of "accumulate pitching" move that Bloom seems to like.

Nate Eovaldi and cash to MIA for Jorge Guzman and Nick Neibert OR SDP for Cal Quantrill
Eovaldi has had some good starts. And not so good starts. If he slides in as a #3 starter and his price is discounted then he can return some pitching with upside. The Marlins might be willing to bite on a controllable resource that could help their prospect-driven momentum and have the payroll to handle it. Would Jeter be willing to buy his way into his first playoff as a GM? The Padres are in better shape with a similar young team and you can never have enough pitching. This is a win-now move, losing a nice pitching prospect for the chance to chase down the Dodgers. Eovaldi's lasting 2018 memory against them might flip the switch.

Other obvious candidates are:
JD Martinez: He can opt-out at the end of the season (and why wouldn't he after this year?) and with universal DH likely to stay, his market could be decent. The downside is that it's far from his best season... and he could still opt-out.

Martin Perez: His FIP says that he's the same guy that the Sox signed -- a backend SP with a mid-5s ERA -- so he was quite literally signed for this possibility: get on a run and entice someone. Anyone. Please?