Iím just not sure what the Lakers should do with this guy.

Sans AB who gave the Lakers a definite early notice he would not join the bubble ... Dwight was always on the fence, the Lakers and league were giving him his time to decide, and then he finally gives in. Then he makes comments about basically how masks arenít that important and that he wouldnít get the corona vaccine when itís available.

On Wednesday night, when LeBron led the Lakers out of the meeting and walked out and the Clippers followed suit... it was Dwight who was the only laker to not follow suit as he stayed in the meeting when both the Lakers and Clippers bowed out.

Wtf is wrong with Dwight? Is he back to his 2012-13 self?

Honestly, win or lose this season, I just donít want to see this clown in a Lakers uniform any longer. Iíd rather invest in a returning Hopefully heathy Boogie Cousins For the 2020-21 season and beyond.