In: Jerami Grant, Rose, 1 first round pick (2024 protected), 1 second round pick (2022)

Out: Ben Simmons, Thybulle

In season trade to win it all this season only. Since Ben is the superstar going out which gives the Motor City 2 superstars with Mr Lob City to attract fans since they are in no position to win now or later. They also get our best hyped future star in Thybulle that everyone he can be.

Sixers will get an experience vet in Rose to who will end up being the starting point man during the playoffs while he get all the rest he needs to rest his legs in the regular season while Shake/Maxey starts to get more experience plus Grant get major minutes at the 3 to defend the likes of Lebron and Kawhi once we reach the Finals.

Simmons and Griffin has something in common that will make them buddies (below)